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Add Light to Your Darkest Room with a VELUX® Sun Tunnel

Many homes have bathrooms, hallways and other areas where sunlight is not able to reach. These rooms are usually dim or completely dark until you are able to turn on a light. VELUX® sun tunnels offer a way to bring light to these often unwelcoming and isolated spaces with a specially designed tunnel that passes from the roof to the ceiling. The light travels through the tunnel to a ceiling diffuser which then spreads a soft light throughout the room.

VELUX® sun tunnels are easy to install and are a fast, cost-effective way of getting natural light into dark rooms in your house or business. There is even an option to install a flexible tunnel to maneuver easily around attic obstruction. D & R Skylight Installations is able to install a VELUX® sun tunnel in your home to help bring light to your darkest room. The tunnels are available in three sizes:

10 inch

14 inch

22 inch

Contact D & R Skylight Installations to learn more about VELUX® sun tunnels or to speak to one of our professionals about adding light to your home in the Lower Mainland.

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