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deck mount skylight

Deck Mount Skylights: The Perfect Skylight for Sloped Roofs

A deck mount skylight is a low-profile skylight that has its own curb built in from the factory. This allows for a slimmer profile and a cleaner roof line. In most cases, deck mount skylights do require the roof to have a minimum slope of 3/12 (14°). This is to ensure that rainwater runs around the skylight and not into the building.

Deck mount skylights are attached directly to the roof sheathing and to the drywall that sits below. This type of skylight is the most energy efficient. D & R Skylight Installations has the option to install a fixed deck mount skylight or one with openers. Our skylights are also available in LoE3 glass. Contact us to speak with one of our experts about a skylight installation for your home in the Lower Mainland.

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