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Curb Mount Skylights: The Most Popular Type of Skylight

Curb mount skylights are the most common type of skylight. This type of skylight is excellent for older homes and homes with flat roofs. Curb mount skylights can be easily installed which is part of the reason for their popularity.

We can replace your old T-bar skylights and replace them with curb mount skylights that can be opened – allowing you to enjoy a fresh breeze! The “curb” is simply a wood box that is built higher than the roof. The curb is then sealed to become a part of the roof and the skylight is dropped over the curb, where it is attached from the outside. D & R Skylight Installations offers curb mount skylights that are either fixed or that feature openers with bug screens and operating poles. Our skylights are available in many different standard sizes or custom sizes and also feature LoE3 glass or acrylic domes.

Contact us today to learn more about the installation of our curb mount skylights in the Lower Mainland.

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