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Solar Powered opening Skylights

Use the Power of the Sun to Vent Your Home with the Touch of a Button

Powered by the sun, this is the ultimate skylight! Installing a solar-powered opening skylight is a perfect way to introduce natural light and venting with the touch of a button on a modern touch screen remote. This skylight is an ideal option for the places in your home that could use a little extra light or fresh air, especially bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms.

These skylights use the power of the sun to open and close. There is a small solar panel located on the exterior of the skylight to capture sunlight and charge a small battery. Even on days that are cloudy, the solar panel is able to charge. These skylights are a great option for these reasons:

They eliminate the need for an electrician

They’re quipped with rain sensors and bug screens

They’re available in common sizes

Solar-powered blinds are also available! Contact D & R Skylight Installations today to get started on the process of installing your skylight.

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